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Coyote in the Village

Some residents have spotted a coyote in the Village. ODNR has reported that coyotes do live in the Village and are usually not noticeable until winter when the leaves fall and the brush thins. Their wildlife expert has advised that residents should not be alarmed unless the coyote seems to lack fear of humans. Provided here is a link with tips on what to do if you encounter a coyote and also to help make your yard an inhospitable environment to deter the coyote from wanting to home in the Village. Please note that if one coyote is removed and the environment that attracted it is not rectified, a new coyote will move in to take its place.

If you encounter a coyote that exhibits behavior that it is not afraid of humans, please contact the Village Office at 614-486-6993 or Please provide day, time, and location of sighting and details of what occurred.