Mayor Matthew Cincione and residents, along with our wonderful Grandview Fire & Police Departments provide a countdown for the opening of the Cambridge Island Falco Fountain. The Falco Fountain was installed in 1992 by Former Mayor Paul Falco who had said he was inspired by the tradition in Italy of having a fountain in the town square. In 2013, Former Mayor Kent Studebaker and his Village Council passed a resolution to name the fountain after Former Mayor Falco to honor him for his service of over 3 decades to the Village of Marble Cliff.

Welcome to the Village of Marble Cliff

The Village of Marble Cliff is a small village of 175 acres located south of West Fifth Avenue, between the cities of Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington. It was one of the first suburbs of Columbus, settled as a community in 1890, and incorporated as a Village October 12, 1901. The estimated population is 573 as of the 2010 Census. Because it is surrounded by cities and natural barriers, there is little probability that Marble Cliff will grow in area, ensuring its peaceful quaintness.


Tree-lined streets, charming homes, churches, and some multi-family homes and business offices characterize the Village of Marble Cliff. Approximately 50 businesses are located within the community and provide a solid tax base for the Village. Marble Cliff was named one of Central Ohio’s best neighborhoods and top places to live in Columbus Monthly’s December 2006 issue. Described as “inner-ring suburban” and a “face-to-face-community”, the article mentioned the Village’s friendly feeling, sense of safety, and strong pulse of activity.


View Marble Cliff’s interactive tree inventory here.

Village of Marble Cliff Village Hall
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