Business Services

We make it easy to locate your business in Marble Cliff. You don’t have to deal with a maze of bureaucracy. Our Mayor is eager to assist, and Village council is committed to helping businesses prosper. We’re ready to help identify properties and development opportunities that suit your needs and discuss incentives that make Marble Cliff an excellent location for your growing your business. To set up a meeting, please contact us at 614-486-6993 or

Business Services

Easy Access

Marble Cliff is ideally situated close to downtown Columbus, major highways, Port Columbus International Airport and medical and research centers. The Ohio State University is an easy 10-minute drive away, without the hassle of freeway congestion. Marble Cliff is located within a half-hour of most locations within Franklin County.


The Village is friendly toward pedestrians and cyclists. The Scioto Bike Trail connects Marble Cliff to the downtown trail for citywide access. Our community is served by COTA bus lines #5 and #19, connecting Marble Cliff with downtown.

Refuse and Recycling

Commercial property owners may contract with the Grandview Heights Service Department for the weekly pickup of refuse and recycling. Please call 614-488-4728 for more information.

Sidewalk/Driveway Apron

Commercial properties – Commercial properties, as defined by zoning, shall pay 100% of sidewalk and/or driveway repair/replacement cost. The Village Engineer determines when to repair/replace the sidewalk and/or driveway approach. The driveway approach includes the adjacent, associated street curbing.

Street curbing – The Village will replace street curbing on an as-needed basis to maintain proper drainage and preserve street pavements. Replacement will typically occur with associated street pavement maintenance projects. When replacement includes curbing adjacent to a driveway approach which is not scheduled for repair/replacement the Village will be responsible for 100% of the cost of the curbing.

Construction Standards – The Village Engineer will maintain construction standards for sidewalk and driveway approaches. Each project within the R/W, not managed by the Village, will require a permit and inspection. The cost of permits and inspection will be updated on an as-needed basis by Village staff.

Maintenance Standards- The Village Engineer and staff will develop maintenance standards for sidewalk and driveway approaches to apply to all properties within Marble Cliff. Considerations will be primarily based on pedestrian safety and drainage as opposed to aesthetic improvements. The primary (but not the only) safety issue is tripping hazards.


Tripping hazards are defined as any raised or depressed sidewalk (a vertically misaligned panel of a one-half inch or greater) which would have the potential to catch the foot of someone walking or impair the travel of a wheeled mobility device. Severe deterioration can also be considered a hazard and is defined as those sidewalks with surface defects of one-half inch or greater and/or a loose “rocking” panel.


ADA Ramps at street intersections – The Village will cover all cost associated with constructing ADA ramps at street intersections and publically maintained crosswalks. Many intersections within the Village have older-style ADA (American with Disabilities Act) wheelchair ramps. The Village plans to upgrade these ramps when adjoining streets are rebuilt or repaved. Since the Village is currently pursuing pavement preventative-maintenance work, actual repaving may not occur for another five to seven years. By coordinating the ADA ramp replacement with repaving, the Village ensures that the most up-to-date standard will be applied to this capital investment when required by law.


Marble Cliff’s 2% income tax rate provides a distinct advantage as most other municipalities in the area levy a 2.5% city income tax, including Columbus. An employee with an income of $50,000, for example, could save $250 simply by working in Marble Cliff.


The Village is willing to consider economic incentives for business owners as well as business property owners. Marble Cliff may be able to put its support behind your applications for state incentive programs.

Tree Lawn Maintenance

BUSINESS RESPONSIBILITY To maintain a safe Village, commercial property owners are reminded that Village code requires them to trim all trees and shrubbery that overhang a public street, sidewalk, or alley. This includes trees and shrubs planted between the sidewalk and street. Tree branches are to be trimmed to a minimum clearance above ground of ten feet over sidewalks and 12 feet over streets. Shrubs are to be trimmed so that no foliage overhangs the sidewalk or street.


Property owners are to maintain the mulched area around trees planted in the tree lawn so the tree cannot be hit by a lawnmower or a string trimmer. Damaging bark on a tree is one of the top reasons for trees dying over time. When new trees are planted, residents are asked to water the new trees during periods of dry weather or when the tree shows signs of stress/lack of water.


VILLAGE RESPONSIBILITY Only the Village may plant trees or vegetation in the tree lawn between the sidewalk and the street. Please call Village Hall at 486-6993 with questions about existing trees or planting new trees in the tree lawn. Periodically, the Village may trim the street trees or add new trees at no cost to the property owner.