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Weekly curbside leaf pick-up is scheduled to begin Monday, October 29 and continue into early December. Vacuuming will be done each Monday (or the next possible day if inclement weather) by the same company, Environmental Management Inc. we have used for the last few years. Please observe the following:

  1. Rake leaves to the grass tree lawn strip area next to the street as soon as possible. DO NOT rake leaves into the street, as cars parked on the street can start a fire. Plus, the leaves can block the storm sewers causing dangerous ponding and expensive sewer cleaning.
  2. Do not place/mix yard waste and tree branches with the leaves. Dirt, decaying plants, and tree branches can clog the vacuuming equipment, slowing or stopping removal for that day. This costs the Village extra money and delays collection.
  3. If you want your leaves picked up, do not park your car in front of the piles on Mondays. Remember to pile leaves in the grass tree lawn where the truck can have easy access. The truck is equipped with a side mount vacuum and designed to pull alongside a leaf pile, not back up to the pile. And remember, the vacuum hose is only 10 feet long.
  4. For those living on Cambridge, Village Court, or Arlington, do not place leaves onto the “island” across the street from your home. All leaves are to be piled in the grass tree lawn along the curb in front of your home. If you have a lawn service, please be sure to tell them, as they have been one of our biggest violators.
  5. Leaves may be bagged in biodegradable paper bags, but will then be removed by the Grandview Heights Service Dept. as yard waste each Monday through the end of November. The bags cannot be thrown into the vacuum trucks.
  6. If your street has already been vacuumed for the day, the service will not return to your street until the next scheduled Monday pickup.
Marble Cliff Public Notices


Issue 41b will be on the November 6, 2018 ballot asking residents of the Village to approve Sunday sales of wine/mixed and spirituous liquor for 1400 Food Lab (a Marble Cliff food oriented business at 1400 Dublin Road).  The request was initiated by 1400 Food Lab and is location specific.  The issuance of permits for Sunday sales is by the Division of Liquor Control (Ohio Department of Commerce), but considered a local option that is decided by the voters of the jurisdiction in which the requesting entity is located.

Marble Cliff Announcements


The Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Historical Society will hold its annual meeting and historic presentation on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse (1247 Grandview Ave.). Admission is free and refreshments will be provided.  The historic presentation will be offered by Leslie Blankenship of the Franklinton Historical Society and will focus on the beginnings of  Columbus neighborhoods in Franklinton.   For more information, click here.

Marble Cliff Public Notices


The upcoming election will feature one or more levies that may affect your property tax bill (Metro Parks, Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Grandview Heights City Schools).  To learn more about the potential impact of these levies on your property tax bill, you can visit the “Tax Levy Estimator” on the Franklin County Auditor’s website (  Once you find your property on the Auditor’s website (“Property Search”), click on the “Quick Links” selection in the column of options on the left side of the page.  Once that page opens, you can find the “Levy Estimator” as an option under the “Calculators” category.  The information provided will identify both current levies in place and the impact of the levies being considered at the upcoming election.

NOTE:  Grandview Heights City Schools currently has a 1.9 mill bond levy in place that will expire after 2019 collections, at the same time collections for the new issue would be phased-in.  As a result, residents will have an offsetting reduction to the proposed new millage increase shown on the Franklin County Auditor’s Tax Estimator.  The amount residents pay on the current levy can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom of the Tax Estimator page, where the cost of existing levies is shown.  The levy that will be ending is listed under Grandview Heights CSD as expiring 2020.  So, the levy amount noted for the proposals being considered on the November ballot can be reduced by the expiring levy amount, providing the actual impact on your property taxes.

Also, you can access a video of Grandview Heights School Treasurer Beth Collier explaining the impact of the proposed levy by clicking here.

For further clarification, please contact Beth Collier, Treasurer/CFO of Grandview Heights City Schools at 614-485-4021.

Marble Cliff Announcements


Grandview Heights offers e-waste drop-off:

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Noon to 3 PM
Grandview Heights Service Department
1525 Goodale Boulevard.

Enter from Goodale Boulevard onto Glendale Avenue.  Goodwill Columbus staff will unload items from your car.

What to bring:  Computers, printers, (non-tube style) monitors, copiers, scanners, fax machines, networking equipment, ink and toner cartridges, flat screen TV sets (no tube TV sets), cell phones, MP3 players, DVD/VHS players, cable boxes, records, cassettes/CDs/DVDs, video game systems and games, power adapters, chargers/cords, stereos, speakers, cameras, audiovisual equipment, microwaves, toaster ovens, toasters, vacuums, humidifiers, air purifiers, Christmas lights, string lights, lithium ion (rechargeable) batteries and household goods and clothing.

If you can’t make it to the drive, visit a Goodwill donation center: