Marble Cliff Announcements


Grandview Parks and Rec will pick up and recycle cut Christmas trees from January 2nd until January 31st, 2018.  Please place them along the curb. To facilitate recycling of trees, please observe the following rules.
– Remove all lights, decorations and tree stands.
– Once the tree is out of the house, please remove any tree bag or plastic and dispose. – – Plastic bags are not recyclable with the trees.
– Do not remove limbs or cut tree in half.
– Do not set-out other items with the Christmas trees, including wreaths and pine roping, which contain wire or metal frames.  These items can not be recycled.

Depending upon the number of trees set out for pick-up, all streets will have trees picked up at least once per week. Trees are recycled through Upper Arlington/SWACO Yard Waste recycling program.

Marble Cliff Announcements


Weekly curbside leaf pickup is scheduled to begin Monday, October 23 and continue into early December. Vacuuming will be done each Monday (or the next possible day if inclement weather) by the same company, Environmental Management Inc. we have used for the last few years. Please observe the following: 

  1. Rake leaves to the grass tree lawn strip area next to the street as soon as possible. DO NOT rake leaves into the street, as cars parked on the street can start a fire. Plus, the leaves can block the storm sewers causing dangerous ponding and expensive sewer cleaning.

  1. Do not place/mix yard waste and tree branches with the leaves. Dirt, decaying plants, and tree branches can clog the vacuuming equipment, slowing or stopping removal for that day. This costs the Village extra money and delays collection.

  1. If you want your leaves picked up, do not park your car in front of the piles on Mondays. Remember to pile leaves in the grass tree lawn where the truck can have easy access. The truck is equipped with a side mount vacuum and designed to pull alongside a leaf pile, not back up to the pile. And remember, the vacuum hose is only 10 feet long.

  1. For those living on Cambridge, Village Court, or Arlington, do not place leaves onto the “island” across the street from your home. All leaves are to be piled in the grass tree lawn along the curb in front of your home. If you have a lawn service, please be sure to tell them, as they have been one of our biggest violators.

  1. Leaves may be bagged in biodegradable paper bags, but will then be removed by the Grandview Heights Service Dept. as yard waste each Monday through the end of November. The bags cannot be thrown into the vacuum trucks.

  1. If your street has already been vacuumed for the day, the service will not return to your street until the next scheduled Monday pickup.

Marble Cliff Announcements


Paving work will start on the following streets this Thursday, 6/22, with completion the week of July 3. Street parking may be restricted during the week. PLEASE OBSERVE NO PARKING SIGNS SO WORK MAY GO QUICKLY. Traffic will be maintained and driveways accessible during construction.

CAMBRIDGE from First Ave. to Village Court, CARDIGAN from Cambridge to Roxbury, FERNWOOD, ROXBURY north of Cardigan to Fifth Ave., THIRD AVE. from Arlington to Roxbury, and VILLAGE COURT

Marble Cliff Announcements


   On Saturday, April 24, members of Boy Scout Troop 73 and Cub Scout Pack 28 from Boulvard Presbyterian Church and their families and friends mulched the trail in Tarpy Woods. This annual community service project is most appreciated by the Village and all who use the

Marble Cliff Announcements


The Paul J. Falco Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that it has awarded scholarships for 2017 to the following nine Marble Cliff students: Caleb Akers, Adrienne Bechtel, Camille Day. Claire Fishpaw, Emma Berlin, Gretchen Varner, Madeline Taylor, Matthew Smith, and Molly Smith. Scholarships were awarded based on scholastic achievement, character, extra-curricular activities, and service to school and community.

The scholarship was endowed by the late Paul J. Falco, who served as mayor of the Village of Marble Cliff for 36 years, and is annually awarded to a resident student, or students, based on outstanding scholastic and leadership qualities.  Mayor Falco was an ardent supporter of the village and its residents. It is through the generosity of the late Mayor Falco and his spouse, Bobbie Hall Falco, that these awards can be made.

2017 Scholarship winners (Adrienne Bechtel not pictured) at the high school awards ceremony.

Marble Cliff Announcements


Work is scheduled to start Wednesday April 26 on the Fifth Ave. street improvements. Done as a joint project with the City of Upper Arlington, work includes:
1. Milling and repaving West Fifth Avenue from the railroad tracks east to Andover Road.
2. Constructing a new, 8-10 foot wide, multipurpose/bike path connecting the Scioto Greenway Trail at Dublin Road/West Fifth Avenue to Arlington Avenue where the path will connect to Upper Arlington’s bike boulevard and Marble Cliff’s designated bike route.
3. Narrowing Fifth Avenue by eight feet to accommodate the new multipurpose path. Two lanes of traffic and parking on the north side of the street will be maintained with no loss of parking. All property owners will have access to their driveways during construction.
4. Installing new curbs in Marble Cliff and moving the street lights into the new tree lawn.
Completion date is set for late July.